Customer Focus sets you apart from the rest.

Hi Guys,

Yeah obviously your strike rate and all the other measures that add up to profit are important, but what you particularly do that I appreciate so much is that when you have a post and declare no selection, I know there is no mad rush for me to read the post and get on to get the prices.
It shows that you have that rare quality called 'Customer Focus' and aside from the solid results, it's that quality that sets this service apart from the others.
All the best,
Paul K

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  1. Gordon Mills on October 5, 2019 at 2:58 am

    Everyone wants to say thank you to Cleeve Racing for their endeavors on our behalf all-be-it through the medium of a monthly subscription. Hower, I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we all have different expectations about what constitutes value for money.
    My own value for money expectation is a very simple one and it is simply this” :If CLEEVE Racing can double my yearly subscription fee in the space of six months using 5 quid each way bets then I will be quite happy to sing their praises and pay my dues: Everything else over and above that criteria is icing on the cake: I ask for little and hope for more.

    Incidently I am a brand new subscriber who wants lots of wear and tear to take over my subscription for my long term future success with CLEEVE Racing. Anyway—We Shall See—We Shall See: