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Keep up the good work

I took up the special offer of Cheltenham and ongoing membership. I subscribed only for Cheltenham in previous years.
This is just to show that I haven't got a full history with you but from my point of view I very much like the service.
I find your narrative on the analysis of each race clear and unambiguous so, for example I understand why you don't always follow your top rated choice.
In terms of results this year so far so good because you (we therefore !!) had such a good Cheltenham.
So overall very happy with what you give us.
My only personal quibble is that you quote the best odds from various bookmakers with your choices and not being a professional punter I don't have that many accounts so sometimes I feel that I've maybe missed out. I completely accept though why you do it and it is of course a good guide as to what odds I should be getting.
Hope that all makes sense.
Keep up the good work.
Best Regards

Editors note - it always pays to have multiple bookmakers accounts as this can make a big difference to your profits.

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