Responsibilities of Subscribers

Subscribers to any Cleeve Racing services MUST be over 18 years of age.

Responsibilities of Subscribers  Our Cancellation Policy

Members can and must take responsibility for managing their subscriptions, this can easily be done via the My Account page on the member's dashboard. All Cleeve Racing £10 trial offers create a monthly recurring membership at the standard rate of £40 per month which automatically recur on the months anniversary of the initial sign-up date.

Members can cancel their membership at any time within the first month, but will still have full members access for the full initial month they signed up for. If a member does not cancel their membership within the trial period Cleeve Racing will only refund a recurring payment under exceptional circumstances and the member must contact us to request a refund.

If our logs show that a member has received notifications of tips and logged in to view them, they will be deemed to have been active during that period and no request for a refund will be considered.

Available Subscriptions

The following Cleeve Racing memberships are available by subscription at the stated prices* as of 1st May 2018:

  • Monthly full membership – £40.00 +VAT per month
  • Quarterly full membership - £99 +VAT per quarter
  • Six monthly full membership - £179 +VAT per year
  • Yearly full membership – £329 +VAT per year
  • Festival memberships - Various prices throughout the year

Cleeve Racing may from time to time have promotional offers for any particular service. These can be taken up by using discount coupon codes we offer at any time.

Only 1 discount coupon code per membership offer per person may be used.

Please note discount coupon codes may be restricted in number.


We currently accept payment by debit cards or PayPal (no surcharge).

Unless otherwise stated, all our membership plans are set up on a recurring basis dependant on the membership option you choose. All members have full access to their subscription details via the My Account page in the member's dashboard. Members are in full control of their subscription and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Any cancelled subscription can only be reinstated by the member as Cleeve Racing do not hold any Debit or Credit card details. Any cancelled subscription will remain as pending cancellation until the next repayment due date and the member will have full access to the Cleeve Racing service until this date.

Service Description

We restrict our selections to Class 2 and above races. Therefore we do not have selections every day and the majority of our weekly selections will run over the weekend due to higher quality racing. You can generally expect to receive selections in an average of 5-6 races per week. This will vary when the major midweek festivals Cheltenham and Royal Ascot are on when there will be selections sent out every day.

All advices and reviews are posted on our website in a secure member area. Our website address is

You will receive an email after completing your subscription with unique login details that must be used to access the member area of our website.

You will receive an email every time there are selections or reviews. This will be sent to the email address you used to subscribe unless you notify us otherwise.

Limit on Liabilities

Cleeve Racing Ltd take no responsibility for, and accept no liability for any losses that you incur following our advices. Betting by nature is a volatile investment and you will experience losing as well as winning advices.

Intellectual Property

You agree that you subscribe to our services on the basis that the information we provide is confidential and for your sole use only. Any person found to be passing on this information is liable to have legal action taken against them.

Payment Processor GDPR information

Wirecard is our third payment processors who handle all our card processing data. Click here to view their GDPR documentation.

Any Questions

You can always contact us in regard to any queries relating to these T’s & C’s, or any other aspect of our service by going to