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Another non-runner and why there is no replacement…

Hi there,

Well, we're sorry to say that the curse of the non-runner has hit us again and today's selection; The Grand Visir has been pulled out by Ian Williams as being stiff this morning (vets cert).

It was a tricky enough day with only three of the six races being realistic betting propositions, the other 3 races being a couple of 2-y-o races (one of which has a hot fav below our minimum price, and the other only having 7 runners) then there's the Sussex Stakes where we're probably playing 'place only'.

There will be those of you out there who are frustrated by the lack of action, especially new members... but we are a conservative service and will never advise you to put your hard-earned cash down for the sake of having a bet.  That's why we don't play below 2/1, that's why we only play in Class 2 races or above... and we believe it is a very significant factor as to why our profit record is so consistent.

So sit back and enjoy the action and watch the races objectively, have a look at how our ratings do, was our reasoning sound?

By the way, the Stewards Reports page on the BHA website is a great resource as to the reasons why some horses ran below form and expectations... it also gives the reasons why non-runners have been declared.

Best wishes,
The team at Cleeve