Weekly Stats

Total Bets



Win & Place SR





Weekly P&L to £20 stakes

+ £316.00

Month to date P&L to £20 stakes

+ £316.00

Season to date P&L to £20 stakes

- £688.60

Highlight of the week

Putting +'s in the post instead of -'s!

Low point of the week

I can't honestly say there were any...  our two winners obviously can't be crabbed and our two seconds weren't ever going to win but were decent prices and made money.

Weekly Overview

A good week for us in which we posted a good profit and took a big chunk out of our season figure. Still, it's only green shoots and we need to now see some consistency...

I don't think it is ever going to be possible for us to be confident or complacent ever again, so we will work hard and see what comes.

But it was very nice to taste some decent success at last!

The Week Ahead

There are 16 races for us to analyse in the coming week...

Monday - Chester 18.00, 18.30, 19.30 (2 selections)

Tuesday - no qualifying races

Wednesday - no qualifying races

Thursday - Salisbury 14.20 & 14.50

Friday - Pontefract 14.50

Saturday - Newmarket 15.50, 17.00; Newbury 13,50, 14.25, 15.00 15,35 & Doncaster 15.25

Sunday - Ripon 14.40, 15.15 & Newbury 15.35

We will email members the night before all qualifying races with analysis, ratings and any selections we have.

Best wishes,
The team at Cleeve

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