Weekly Stats

Total Bets



Win & Place SR





Weekly P&L to £20 stakes

+ £116.80

Month to date P&L to £20 stakes

- £116.80

Season to date P&L to £20 stakes

- £1,475.80

Highlight of the week

No prizes for guessing... as soon as John joins the team Andrew hits full stride and delivers a 100% strike rate on what was admittedly a quiet week. Still, a double-figure profit is a double-figure profit and a nice way to start the month.

Low point of the week

And no prizes for guessing again... after a consistent performance behind the scenes John's first week in the spotlight failed to deliver a winner and resulted in a 1.5 point loss.

I know he is feeling a bit exposed but we are happy that we've made the right choice and will bet money he'll be in the green by season end.

Weekly Overview

We've had a few emails in about how to differentiate between Andrew's and John's tips...

Just to reiterate if there are ratings in the write up it is Andrew, if not it is John.

John will not have selections in Class 2 and above races, Andrew will only have selections in Class 2 and above races.

Clear as mud?

The Week Ahead

Quite a busy week for us... let's hope it is a good one!

Monday - n/a

Tuesday  - Leicester 2.20, 2.50 (post online now)

Wednesday - n/a

Thursday- York 2.05, 2.40, 3.10

Friday - Ascot 2.30, 4.50; Newmarket all but first race

Saturday - Newmarket every race; York every race but last two

Sunday - Goodwood 2.55, 4.25

We will email you the night before every qualifying race with analysis, ratings and any tips.

Best wishes,
The team at Cleeve

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