How to use Oddschecker to get the best odds

In this post, I will show you how to use Oddschecker to get the best odds from bookmakers.

With the Cheltenham Festival on the horizon, I am sure many of you will be having those speculative accumulators, Trixies, Lucky 15s and other exotic bets to hit the bookies where it hurts.

We all do it and we all have our fancies for the Cheltenham Festival with some bankers and some more left-field selections. Combining these in multiples can pay huge dividends but blindly using your favourite bookie can cost you an absolute fortune if you are successful.

Now I don't want to teach you guys to suck eggs and if this is old hat to you then just ignore the video below on how to use Oddschecker to get the best odds. If not I can show you how you can increase a treble from 364/1 to 1815/1 just by doing a quick comparison on Oddschecker.

Just head over to when you have watched the video to check the odds for your multiples.

Obviously, it's not going to magically turn that losing bet slip into a winner - I wish.

If you haven't got a decent portfolio of bookmakers that you use I would recommend opening as many accounts as you can taking advantage of the introductory offers they have. Just a word of caution make sure you read the terms and conditions on these before placing any multiples as they may not qualify, you have been warned.

So come on fess up we know you've all done it or will be doing it as we are all basically greedy buggers and want to get one over on those pesky bookies. If you do have some juicy multiples on the go post in the comments below so we can celebrate your winners or commiserate your losers.

Good Luck
The team at Cleeve

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