The week that was… Royal Ascot review 2023

Hi everyone,

as promised see below our Royal Ascot review podcast. As we have always said, here at Cleeve Racing we are totally honest and transparent with our results... good or bad.

As we know Royal Ascot 2023 was a bit (lot!) of a graveyard for us, along with many other services that we know, this year. We don't want to, or be accused of, hiding these things.

Mark and Mike go through every selection over the 5 days. As Mike says we will retrieve these losses, it's just the nature of the beast that we will always have a run like Royal Ascot.

Feel free to leave your comments below (constructive, please we've dealt with the abusive emails already!)

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  1. TERRY HOARE on July 4, 2023 at 1:06 pm

    Hi, I was a new member recommended by a friend just a few days before Ascot. As you have said a total disaster.
    What I cannot understand is why you are SO far out with your selections.
    Take 28th June Swift Lioness – 6th of 7 beaten 10 lengths
    1st July – You say there are very few races of class 3 or better, I counted 21 races throughout the day that were class 3 or better. You chose Ferrous as your only bey 5th of 7.
    You are not even close to a winner.
    I won’t be renewing my membership when it expires this month. I am nursing a huge loss for me and I will trust my
    judgement over yours in future.
    Sorry it turned out this way, perhaps my timing of joining Cleeve. My friend will keep me posted of your future ‘success’
    Very disappointed client
    Terry H

  2. Steve Best on July 5, 2023 at 3:55 pm

    Festivals are notoriously difficult to find winners so I’m not surprised at the results you had. However, I don’t know why you keep referring to the high price winners and lack of favourites winning when most of your tips either weren’t favourites but were each way and most were well beaten by a large number of horses as opposed to one or two high price ones.

    As a lessons learnt for festivals, would it better to concentrate on maybe a best bet as opposed to advising multiple horses? I’m not sure that the returns would have been any better but the losses could have been significantly less.

    I’m not sure your comments about finding some winners within the perms you advised is particularly helpful as I would expect that if they were well fancied by yourselves, they would be have been one of the main selections which I would have thought most members concentrate on.

    Personally and luckily for me, I didn’t back the majority of your tips and managed to back the Kings horse that won so came out relatively unscathed. Therefore, I’m not talking through my pockets! Good luck going forward.

  3. John Bowery on July 6, 2023 at 7:50 am

    I tried out the 10 quid monthly trial package. I was pleased with the way it worked, easy to use, clear instructions etc. I noted that the day previous to joining, it had yielded, from 4 runners, 3 winners, 2 x 4s, 1x 7s and a 15/2 3rd.
    The month came and went, and of course, inclusive of Ascot, was a losing experience, but, this is not a “brickbat”. I am of the “pays ya money, takes ya chance ” crowd. Ascot was a shocker, but thank you for the preview above.
    Generally, considering that I am 70 now, maybe I get too much info / emails etc ? I once tried geegeez, gold, which I found to be more than helpful, but maybe to overwhelming for me. I wonder if many of the pros are linked,? I think I got into Cleeve maybe through Matt / Geegeez, Kieran Ward ? very helpful, insightful etc…are you all mates ?
    As an example of bad luck, carelessness etc…. I read up about summer jump jockeys,think it was Wards writings…. one was flagged up …Mclernon / esp Cartmel / Haslam ….. I noted 2 recently…first two races …I got sidetracked, didn’t get on,…both of the bastards won ! think it was 6s and 7s ! phuque me ! couldn’t believe it.
    Anyway, I ramble, if Cleeve come back with another trial for a tenner.. I will try again…
    Best Wishes,
    John in Durham.

  4. Peter Derrick on August 28, 2023 at 11:15 am

    As already said no complaints from this punter.
    You should give your opinion as to what went wrong during the race (jockey error, horse error) when it is clear when you are holding up your own hands and it is not your fault)

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