The Cleeve… shape of things to come!

The change in the season from the flat to the jumps is always been a difficult time for punters, so, as the seasons change here are some of our thoughts...

We've had a very good 2022 flat season with over 180 points and six consecutive months of profit. We are very confident we can carry this form through the 2022 Jumps Season, and until the November meeting at Cheltenham, we will be having a mixture of a both a few end of season flat selections, and a few jumps selections.

However, we will also be keeping our powder reasonably dry for a couple of weeks, unless there is a very good reason to play. Flat horses may have gone 'over the top' which is difficult to tell... until they run badly! NH horses are returning from their off season and may need a run... or they may not! Furthermore, I always like to see how horses run with my own eyes, before I'll put our hard-earned funds at risk!

This is the the time of the season, where there will be lots of stable tour content in the racing press, but my advice is to take all of it with a pinch of salt, trainers are typically very guarded about what they really have in their arsenal!

Enjoy taking some betting down time... set up your NH trackers and review your betting style given our recent successes. We will continue to email members daily and will be having have a number, albeit fewer selections, towards the end of each week and the weekend as the better racing takes place... but as we move towards the November meeting; the season should get going in full swing.

I would also take the time to open new bookmaker accounts. I was talking to a member who only made 50% of Octobers monthly profit, as he was placing his bets with two bookmakers only. Another member we spoke to was placing bets with just one bookie... and did even worse! Winning is hard enough, without 'giving' away the best price, or a couple of extra places on a race. New customer offers have never been better (particularly when there's a big meeting)... and to not do it is just a bit lazy!

You will be aware that we sometimes bet EW on horses that are around the 7/2 mark, this is intentional. We have actually worked out that horses advised at 2+ points EW would have returned more profit, if we had actually bet them as 4 points win. However there would also be longer losing runs which can be emotionally debilitating to members. So. it's (as always) up to you how you play our selections... they, our stakes, number of places and which bookmakers are all advised. Betting to Betfair SP should be considered but it's a bit of a faff,  you have to not only stake in the win market, but also the place market.

Extra places are also usual between bookies, and as a rule of thumb if you have 4 places instead of 3 places, you are getting 33% more places, so any odds differential of less than 33%, means that your getting good value... but you may lose BOG.
Finally, on to our ratings, which, as you are probably aware, have been the subject of some discussion. Unfortunately we have decided that we have no option but to can them. Less than 15% of you said that you used them regularly, and they cost us several hundred pounds a month to maintain... when a complete rewrite is needed (as is the case now), it's several thousand pounds.

We had originally though that we could develop the ratings as a standalone product, and bundle them in to Cleeve membership as 'added-value', as we didn't raise membership prices at all. Unfortunately this didn't work, and given the lack of market demand, and the current economic circumstances, we just can't justify them any longer. We have thought long and hard about 'new products', or how to 'add more value', but it seems that most of you just want regular winners!

Best wishes for the coming season!
all the team at Cleeve Racing