Make a profit from betting… Jim’s story

Making a profit from betting

Hi there, in this great article in the latest SBC report we hear the story of how Jim has made £12,000 profit a year for the past 9 years; he's an ordinary bloke and has a day job, he is neither an expert or a professional but Jim has made the necessary investment in terms of time and some money needed to achieve his objectives.

The interview shows clearly that punting profits are within the reach of everyone prepared to put in the work and effort into making a profit from betting. It's a story of built on doing research, having discipline and being patience, three vital elements that every punter who realistically wants to make a long-term profit from betting needs to have in spades, as there are many ups and downs in the short-term and results are cyclical by there very nature.

Independent brand's like SBC are vital in providing punters with an accurate view of how tipping services actually perform... they are completely independent and don't promote services on commission so are 100% trustworthy.

Every tipping service (and I include Cleeve) will obviously try to position themselves in the best possible light to try to attract new members. Some will shout louder than others (and some shout very loud), and even spin the facts to make them appear better than they really are.

SBC cut through all the hype and give you the hard data after completing a deep analysis of that includes the performance of their tips over an extended period, the ability for you to get the prices they advise and that the service they provide actually is aligned to what they are saying to people.

Jim's story of how he makes £12K tax free p.a.

SBC is the #1 reviewer of tipping services in the UK

This month (Feb 2020) Cleeve scooped SBC's Gold medal for 'Best Tipping Service Newcomer' (even though we've been around for almost 10 years) which is a fantastic achievement and recognises our consistently winning tips. Cleeve got 29% of the vote and were the only UK service to receive over 20% of the vote.

'The year as a whole has seen them make a profit of more than 100 points at an ROI of 16.3%. SBC is very confident that Cleeve Members showing a little patience will be handsomely rewarded.'

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