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Cleeve Racing has a long and consistent record of profits, we strongly believe that this directly correlates to the fact that we use a standardised selection methodology. This begins with an algorithm we developed to 'number-crunch' 12 'statistical' data points linked to the horse's past performances... including class, speed, official ratings, going, trip etc.

We run this algorithm as the starting point to every race we analyse, producing a rating for every runner in the race which provides a shortlist to our form team who then assess the field's chances against actual race conditions.

There is a lot of  'variable' data that relates to race conditions... these include track configuration, draw bias, trainer form, race pace and value in betting markets. For instance...

  • Would you want to be backing a horse that previously won a 6 runner event over Ascot's straight mile, when in its next race with 24 runners over Goodwood's tricky turns, it's drawn badly and the trainer is 0-35 in the last two weeks? We certainly wouldn't!
  • Would you put your hard-earned money on a horse that has won it's last 3, making all in fields where it had an uncontested lead, it now faces a field where two of the runners are definitely going to take him on and half the field race prominently. We wouldn't

A mathematical algorithm just can't handle this kind of thing, it needs a human brain to interpret the data intuitively and this probably takes 60% of the time and effort in finalising a selection. Our 'tool of choice' and what we judge as to the best form tool around... is Geegeez Goldcards.

Geegeez Goldcards beats the big players like the Sporting Life, ATR and Racing Post in two important areas, it includes crucial information that they don't carry,  including detailed data on...

  • pace profiler
  • draw analyser
  • class up and down
  • change of going (particularly useful for extremes of weather)

Secondly, all Goldcards information is in a single view so it's more convenient to use and a lot quicker to find. This means you can assess a race and identify whether it's worth a deeper dive or discard it for betting purposes. When you've got a dozen races to analyse before a busy Saturday's racing, time really is a key ally to have on your side.

Every race has the 'Instant Expert' tab that gives you a summary of the strength of each runner using an intuitive 'traffic light' system colour coded red, amber and green. I think this is particularly useful in allowing you to understand which horses in a race you need to focus your time on and which can be discarded from serious analysis.

One of the barriers we feel to normal punters is that Goldcards can feel somewhat bewildering to a first time user, there is just SO much to get your head around, but there has to be... expert users and professional bettors need it. But how do you eat an elephant?... in small mouthfuls!

That's why Geegeez is giving you a whole month to have a good look and get a feel for the edge that Goldcards can give you, if you give it a proper chance it will make you a better punter, a more informed punter and a punter that could consistently beat the bookies.

But the caveat as always is that you must put in the necessary work... you have to get comfortable with each function and how it all hangs together, it will look daunting when you first try, but so was learning to drive and now you drive unconsciously.

We suggest that you pick out the features that you feel are the most important TO YOU and spend an hour or so on getting a good understanding of each, have Goldcards open while you watch the racing and compare the pundits' comments to the data in front of you. There are 4 instruction videos to watch that will help you along the way and break Goldcards down into bitesize chunks. (spoiler alert: they are over an hour long!)

A lot of us have time on our hands at the moment, and with what is bound to be an 'up and down' start to the flat, caution with bets and stakes is paramount...

So this could be the perfect opportunity for you to invest some time in improving your punting. We all know the old adage 'you get out of life what you put into it' and it's so true... who would you rather be, the punter blindly following Matt Champman's 'good thing' or the punter that has identified a different horse that has the best chance based on the race conditions?

For people who have never been a member of Geegeez you can get a whole months membership for just £1 so you can get a really good look under the bonnet and see how intuitive it is once you get to grips with it. We can wholeheartedly say that if you do your punting will definitely improve.

... so make an investment in yourself and give it a go, let's face it, you can't even spend £1 in a pub at the moment!

Click here to see what's under the bonnet for just £1 and give it a try.

For those of you have been a previous member of Geegeez Goldcards we have managed to get you an extension to the discounted offer that was due to expire at midnight tonight (Wed 27th), so you can resign up for just £7. This offer expires at midnight on Saturday 30th

Click here and enter the code cleeve7 to get your returning discount.

Stay safe
The team at Cleeve

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