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Over 10 years ago we developed an algorithm that assessed every runner and rated the race. This was designed to help our in-hose tipping team and played a major part in Cleeve becoming an award-winning tipping brand with 10 years of unbroken profit'

As part of the Cleeve service, we provide our members with the top 3 rated for Class 2 and above races. In this post, we give you an update on how the ratings have performed so far in 2021.

We calculate results using BSP (Betfair Starting Price) as everyone has access to these prices so results are not based on early prices that are not always possible to achieve.

A key point is that these results have not been "back fitted" as the race ratings were published before the races were run. The results are based on 800 races run so far this year which is a decent sample size.

Cleeve Top Rated

These results are calculated by blindly backing the top-rated to either 1 point win or 1 point place at BSP.

The results are extremely profitable... especially after May when we introduced further tweaks to the algorithm.

Just backing the top-rated horse obviously cuts down the turnover compared to blindly backing the top 3 rated... as you can see below.

Cleeve top rtaed ratings results

The profit in 2021 is just under 200 points with an ROI of 24.16%.

The most encouraging aspect of the ratings is the strike rate which is pretty consistent, averaging around 22% for wins and 32% for places.

We want to emphasise that these results are based on blindly backing the top-rated, with some basic analysis you could cut out bets and improve profitability... i.e. horses are clearly out of recent form or a stable is that is stone cold.

Summary of Cleeve Top Rated in 2021 (win only)

  • 196 points profit
  • 7 winning months
  • 22% strike rate
  • ROI of 24%

Cleeve's Top 3 Rated

Snap 2021-11-30 at 12.32.26

These results have been calculated by blindly backing the top 3 rated horses to 1 point win, or 1 point place, again using BSP.

The same pattern emerges...

You would probably never back the top 3 blindly as the turnover would probably be too big. You can see that even though the strike rate has dropped the profit and ROI have actually gone up.

Summary of Cleeve Top 3 Rated in 2021 (win only)

  • 7 winning months
  • 355+ points profit
  • Strike rate of 18%
  • ROI of 15.5 %

Class 2+ Ratings summary

We have been publishing the Class 2 and above ratings to Cleeve members since 2018, and as you  see from the results they stack up  handsomely.

Top-rated horses

  • Nearly 200 points profit so far in 2021
  • 22% win strike rate
  • 51% place strike rate
  • 24% ROI
  • Ave 18 points per month profit

We have had feedback from members using the ratings who report excellent profits. If you have been using the ratings profitably please reach out and share your experience to help others.

Backing the top-rated in certain races is just one way of utilising the ratings. In the next post we show how Dutching the top 3 rated is also profitable

Good luck
The team at Cleeve

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  1. Jeff McHenry on December 3, 2021 at 10:48 pm


    Can you advise if ROI includes the monthly subscription charge? In my case my subscription is almost 5 points per month meaning I need to achieve an annual 60 point profit to offset the subscription cost. On top of that is the points lossed due to the tipping performance over the last 12 months. Given the combined impact of that, it is fair to ask if the tipping service is value for money and the service should just concentrate on the ratings which appears to provide a greater return for the subscription. This is not a criticism as I can leave at any time. It is a question about true ROI for your customer.

    Regards Jeff

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