Weekly Stats

Total Bets



Win & Place SR





Fortnightly P&L to £20 stakes

- £260.00

Month to date P&L to £20 stakes

- £407.00

Season to date P&L to £20 stakes

+ £1,840.00

Highlight of the fortnight....

We finally managed to snap our losing streak...

Low point of the week

We're still trading in the doldrums and it still feels like death by a thousand cuts!

Fortnightly Overview

Well, things have got a bit better but not a lot and we are still shipping water, and bar a major turnaround in the coming week we are on the way to a having to record a losing month, which is always painful. Saying that things could always be worse and all of you who are managing their banks properly will not be losing any sleep... we are 13 points down for the fortnight and just over 20 points down on the month. It sounds pretty grim but those of you who have been with us for the whole season are still very well positioned sitting on a profit of almost £1,900.

However, if you have joined recently which a good few of you reading this have, it is undoubtedly painful... and it's of little comfort me going on about what has gone before. But good timing is almost better than good luck and given that losing streaks are part and parcel of punting it's pretty much in the lap of the Betting Gods when you join and the way the cards fall. What is of critical importance is that you look at the bigger picture, and if it's positive and gives you confidence... stick with it.

Hopefully, you are all aware that looking at a week or a month in isolation can tell a very different story either way. It's the end of season figure only that really counts for us, and given that this will be our 15th profitable season in a row... we can't really do more than that. So as long as the overall trend is upwards and the re-traces are not too dramatic, we should end up with a smile on our faces and money in our pockets. But have no doubt we are not complacent, this is painful for us and we are trying everything we can to turn things around.

Best wishes,
The team at Cleeve

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