Weekly Stats

Total Bets



Win & Place SR





Weekly P&L to £20 stakes

- £6.00

Month to date P&L to £20 stakes

+ £54.00

Season to date P&L to £20 stakes

+ £1,081.80

Weekly Overview

Hi there,

Well, there's not much to report on in what is always the quietest part of the season for us... and judging by most of the other tipping services performance in April, being super selective has saved us literally hundreds or thousands of pounds depending on your stakes.

We are keenly aware that if you're a member you pay monthly, so have a 'right' to expect tips every month... we've actually had 25 selections in April and today is the 26th, so although it's been quiet we're not exactly doing nothing! This is a good time to sit back, watch and think about your betting strategy over the last few months. Try and identify areas where you might be 'leaking' money and which bits can be improved on.

And don't worry the start to the Flat is almost on us, historically we have around 50% more bets than over the jumps by dint of stronger midweek racing... so plenty of action is just around the corner!

Best wishes,
The team at Cleeve

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