Cleeve monthly performance – January 2021

Hi there,

Welcome to the first of Cleeve's monthly performance reports of 2021. Firstly, I'd like to congratulate everyone who was onboard especially our new members who have turned a profit straight away. Longer-term members will know it was a bit of a struggle for us in 2020 and significant changes were made to the service that did not suit everyone.

Since we gave John a free rein (pardon the pun) to follow his own style he stabilised the ship in mid-December and finished the month with 16.71 points profit, then built on this in the month of January where his stats are:

  • 40 selections
  • 8 winners
  • 5 places
  • 33% win/place strike rate
  • 16.72 points profit
  • £334 profit (£20 stakes)

Our ‘new service style’ with John at the helm has resulted in more frequent tips which...

  1. give members more action, especially during the NH Season.
  2. more frequent winners... members in the green and feeling on good terms with themselves!

Last month John laid out his history and his selections style in earlier posts that you can read here and here. If you haven't seen them it's worthwhile checking them out as it gives you a feel for how he goes about things.

Everyone knows that turning a juggernaut around is a slow process, but no-one can argue we are now seeing the results and we look forward to carrying on the upward trend and making consistent profits for members… new and old.

We sometimes get emails from new members who joined on a trial month and question the profitability of the service, but it's all about long term results and not a 4-week snapshot. i.e. someone joins on the 12th of the month and by month-end they have only broken even, but someone else who joined on the 1st of the month has made 17 points profit.

We all know from experience that everything goes in cycles so now that our form looks stable it could be the best time to give us a try, our £10 trial month gives you the chance to do that saving of 75% on our normal monthly price.

Good luck
The team at Cleeve

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