Cleeve Bet Tracker members update

Believe it or not, there have now been nearly 800 downloads of the Cleeve Bet tracker since it was first released during the racing lockdown.

For those of you that haven't got it yet you can download it by clicking here.

Also if you need to you can access all the training videos from the link above.

Now, this is great news as it shows that there is definitely an appetite for this type of application for the more informed punter.

We fully understand that many of you will have downloaded the application but it probably has just been gathering dust somewhere on your hard drive. You will not have watched the videos or put the tracker into action but don't worry, this is pretty normal behaviour for these kinds of things.

But there will be a number of you that have started using the Bet Tracker in anger and begun to understand the benefits of tracking your bets, winners and losers and being able to analyse where you are making profits and where losses are coming from.

What we are going to do is create a community for the Bet Tracker and we would like to know:

  1. How many of you are actually using the Bet Tracker?
  2. How you are using the Bet Tracker?
  3. How user friendly do you find it right now?
  4. What can we improve in the existing functionality?
  5. What enhancements you would like to see added?

We have spent a lot of time, resources and money developing the Bet Tracker to the point it is at today, and we are looking at embarking on the next phase of the development but before we do we need feedback from real users so we don't end up developing something that doesn't fulfil your needs.

Join Cleeve's Bet Tracker community

So if you are using the Bet Tracker please join the community and update our email list by filling in the form above.

We will be creating a dedicated users page shortly, so we really hope that you can find the time to get involved in the next phase of its development.

Many thanks in advance
the team at Cleeve