Cleeve is delighted to announce a new collaboration with Andy in developing and launching a brand-new initiative, namely, The Cleeve Club.

We expect The Cleeve Club to launch later this year in time for the 2020-21 Jumps season proper. It will be a ‘not for profit’ club to increase the amount of enjoyment we all get out of racing, through horse ownership, stable visits, days at the races, being involved with other racing enthusiasts and suchlike.

Andy will also be adding value to our ‘Punter Academy’, as a veteran professional punter he is certainly well placed to do so, and there’s another couple of other projects bubbling away in the background

Andy is very well-known in racing circles, he has been a frequent TV pundit for At the Races, specialising in the major festivals, particularly Cheltenham and more recently Andy worked on Racing TV, he can also be heard regularly on William Hill Radio.

Andy’s consistent success as a professional punter has been predicated on over thirty years of observation and analysis of race data, the effect of hype on the betting market, comparison times plus many other variables that govern and shape the way horses perform and betting opportunities unfold.

Andy developed and launched the successful Cheltenham Trail, subscribers receive the benefit of many hours of research throughout the National Hunt season and concluding with the major races at the Cheltenham Festival.

But rather than me going on and on about Andy, why not hear it from the man himself? Click on the short video below, it’s the first in a series of four and we’ll be posting the other three over the course of the next few days.

Best wishes
The team at Cleeve